The Mushroom Speaks

Marion Neumann

Audience Award

This film will also be available online on our VoD platform from March 29 to April 10, 2022. Please note: This film will only be available in Germany.

»Fungi challenge me to explore the unknown, to look beneath the surface, to adapt, to respect imperfections, to slow down and always seek an alternative path. Through the fungal lens I tend to see the world in its innumerable connections.« – Marion Neumann

What connects us when our environment is falling apart? One answer to this pressing question is mushrooms. With an earth-spanning network of tiny threads, they play a key role in preserving our ecosystem; they are a symbol of the connectivity of more-than-human life and of exemplary forms of collaboration. They decontaminate toxic waters and soils and have significantly influenced life since the beginning of time. In her film, Marion Neumann links current positions like interconnecting mycelia; she meets mushroom collectors, activists and researchers all over the world, including anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, one of the most inspiring thinkers of our time. Some mushroom lovers are fascinated by the visible part of the mushroom, the fruiting body – others by the fine, usually invisible network of tiny threads. Neumann’s camera penetrates the microscopic and seductively beautiful layers of the mycelium and carefully follows the passionate protagonists to their spheres of action. She invites us to radically examine our relationship with the natural world around us and to imagine a healing fungal (r)evolution.

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Director / Cinematography

Marion Neumann


Marion Neumann, Orsola Valenti


Adrien Kessler

Sound Design / Music

Olga Kokcharova


Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, Franz Xaver Vollenweider, Peter McCoy, Geoffroy Renaud, Ursula Weiher, Vanja Palmers, Frida Krieger


Katia Monla, Luc Peter – Intermezzo Films


Taskovski Films

Marion Neumann

Marion Neumann, born in 1977, studied documentary film-making and cinematography at the University of Film and Television in Munich. Her first feature film This Moment Is Not the Same was a three-year-long collaborative experiment and premiered internationally at the Festival Visions du Réel in Nyon in 2010. As a cinematographer, Neumann worked on the films Wild Plants by Nicolas Humbert and Naturales Historiae by Pauline Julier, among others. Other well-known collaborators are Jiska Rickels, Michel Favre, and Werner Penzel. Naumann’s work combines documentary and experimental approaches and incorporates narratives in science and social issues. The Mushroom Speaks is her second feature film as a director.

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