The House


The House

Zuzana Liová

Imrich has a present for his youngest daughter Eva: Almost singlehandedly he is building a house for her, right next to his own. But Eva dreads having to move in there. She is about to leave school, and has quite different plans than living under the constant gaze of her grumpy control-freak of a father. She longs to escape the boredom of the village. Her elder sister has already left. She has been disowned by Imrich because he didn‘t like the look of his son-in-law. Because of this, he watches over Eva all the more, caught up in his fear and worries, as he stubbornly builds the house brick by brick. The relationship between the two is awkward and silent, but they are not indifferent to one another. Despite being watched, Eva manages to take small liberties. She stays away from school, takes a job so that she can save money for a trip to London and begins an affair with an older man. Things start to get moving only when Imrich begins having problems with his health, her sister turns up with nowhere to live and Eva‘s secret affair gets out of hand.
Dom is a precise and quite humorous environmental study of a family in the rural part of Slovakia that doesn‘t talk. To the backdrop of social transformation and impermanence in post-Communist society, Zuzana Liová unfolds a generational conflict in which the different values and interests of two generations collide.

Director / Script

Zuzanna Liová


Jan Baset Střítežsk˘, Juraj Chlpík


Anna Johnson Ryndová


Lukáš Moudř


Walter Kraft


Judit Bárdos, Miroslav Krobot, Marián Mitaš, Ta‘jana Medvecká, Lucia Jašková


Michal Kollár, Viktor Tauš, Walter Kraft, Jaroslav Kučera, Vladimír Bednár.

Fog‘n‘Desire Films s.r.o., Samastinor a.s. Tschechisches Fernsehen,
Slowakisches Fernsehen


Arsenal Distribution

Portrait of director Zuzana Liová

Zuzana Liová

Zuzana Liová was born in 1977 in Žilina in what was then Czechoslovakia. She studied drama and scriptwriting at the film and television department of the Academy of Music and Performing Arts
(VŠMU) in Bratislava, graduating with a doctorate. Apart from her work as a film director, she also works as an editor and dramatic advisor, and since 2007, she has also been a lecturer at the VŠMU. Dom is her second full-length feature film.

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