The Face of the Jellyfish

El rostro de la medusa

The Face of the Jellyfish

Melisa Liebenthal

Audience Award

One night, Marina’s face suddenly changed. Otherwise, she has the same body, the same life. »I don’t know what to call you now with this face« says her grandmother. She replies: »You can call me Marina.«
In her everyday life, and in her relationships with her family and partner, Marina tries to work out how to live her life with a different face. Creating a new passport certainly proves more complicated than expected when her facial structure is no longer recognised. Taking this as the starting point, Melisa Liebenthal undertakes some playful experiments: photos of faces are cut up, rearranged and visual similarities are sought in the family photo collection and the art gallery. In between, animations of biometric data search through the film as well as different looks – or sightings? – of animals: The movements of the red jellyfish in the water remarkably resemble those of people dancing under disco lights. In the zoo, on the other hand, we wonder whether a hippopotamus is far less preoccupied with its appearance than a human being.

The film takes a humorous look at an identity crisis: what does this constant preoccupation with our own image-self actually mean in terms of our lives? Does it help to swap our Facebook profile face photo for a different one, or should a person’s identity be viewed in a more multifaceted way? We have to find out how we can see out into a world in which we are constantly being looked at.

Guest: Melisa Liebenthal


Melisa Liebenthal


Agustín Godoy, Melisa Liebenthal


Inés Duacastella


Florencia Gómez García

Sound design

Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo


Inés Copertino


Rocío Stellato, Vladimir Durán, Camila Toker, Roberto Liebenthal, Irene Bosch, Federico Sack, Alicia Labraga


Gentil Cine – Eugenia Campos Guevara, Agustín Gagliardi


Vanessa Ragone – Zona Audiovisual, Mónica D’Uva


Gentil Cine

Portrait of Melisa Liebenthal

Melisa Liebenthal

Melisa Liebenthal (born 1991 in Argentina) is a director and editor. She studied film at the Universidad del Cine in Argentina and at Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in France. Her debut film Las lindas won the Bright Future Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and screened at numerous international festivals. Her films have also been shown at the MoMA in New York and at the Film at Lincoln Center. The film-maker is interested in questions of identity and gender and explores how these relate to the construction of images and their aesthetics.

The Face of the Jellyfish screened in the Berlinale Forum and won the CICAE Arthouse Cinema Award.

Filme von Melisa Liebenthal
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