Sonne Unter Tage

Sun Under Ground

Mareike Bernien, Alex Gerbaulet

dt. OmeU

Special Screening at the Recklinghausen training mine
Departure Shuttle: 6 pm from Schauburg
Meeting point Recklinghausen training mine: 7 pm

»How long does it take for a memory to disintegrate?«
The Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) in the east of Germany. Radiation is at work below ground. Atoms decay, release energy, make skeletons dance on stage, are meant to cure diseases and decide the Cold War. Environmental activists from the GDR slink towards the restricted area. Workers pound ore for piecework pay. The ore is transported to the Soviet Union and returns in fuel rods to the Greifswald nuclear power plant and as radioactive rain from Chernobyl. The film shifts our perception, sensitises us to invisible rays and vibrations. It leads us underground and unveils fragments of world history, casting a spotlight on people’s biographies. Fences, borders and limits begin to waver. It is a story that resonates today.
Instead of being in a familiar cinema setting, the screen follows the film’s tracking movement underground. To see the film, we enter the shaft ourselves, get accustomed to the darkness, the colours, the lights and bore our way into the story. A guided tour through the Recklinghausen training mine allows us to experience the hard work underground. Anyone can take the drill and use it.

The film screening in the Recklinghausen training mine is a cooperation with Dokomotive Plattform e. V. Departure of the shuttle from Schauburg is 6 pm. The event begins at 7 pm with a guided tour underground in the Recklinghausen training mine. Sturdy shoes are required.

Guest: Alex Gerbaulet

Director / Script / Editing / Sound Design

Mareike Bernien, Alex Gerbaulet


Jenny Lou Ziegel


Tom Schön


Caroline Kirberg – pong film


pong film

Portrait der Regisseurin

Mareike Bernien

Mareike Bernien lives in Berlin and works as an artist, film-maker and teacher in cinematic research and critical archival practices. Taking a media archaeology approach, her artistic works question ideological certainties of representation, their material-technological preconditions and historical continuities.

Films by Mareike Bernien
Sun Under Ground 2022 (with Alex Gerbaulet) | Tiefenschärfe 2017 (with Alex Gerbaulet) | Rainbow’s Gravity 2014 (with Kerstin Schroedinger) | Red, She Said 2011 (with Kerstin Schroedinger)

Alex Gerbaulet

Alex Gerbaulet

Alex Gerbaulet lives and works in Berlin as an artist, film-maker and producer. Her artistic work includes exploring the possibilities of depicting reality and memory. Her films range between video art, essay and documentary films, between activist initiative and fictionalising reflection.

Films by Alex Gerbaulet
Die Schläferin 2018 (with Mirko Winkel, Timm Schramm) | Tiefenschärfe 2017 (with Mareike Bernien) | Schicht 2015