Rosalie emménage

Rosalie Moves In

Romeo Bosetti

Silent film

When she moves into her new flat, Rosalie gets busy. She planes the floor as she scrubs it, until it becomes too thin to support her bulky weight. She pounds huge metal nails into the walls in an effort to hang up her pictures and, to the horror of her neighbours, ends up directly in their flats. Rosalie ploughs on at great speed in slapstick style until everything collapses and shatters the bourgeois order.

With Sarah Duhamel
Sarah Duhamel (1873-1926) made her stage debut as a child at the Théâtre Lafayette and made a career in the theatre in Paris. In 1908 she moved into film, where she shot films with Louis Feuillade for Gaumont. From 1911, she soon became a star under Roméo Bosetti at the Pathé Comica film studio in Nice, which produced the popular Rosalie comedies. From 1912 she made over 20 short films at Éclair playing the role of Pétronille; the series stopped in 1916. It wasn’t until 1922 that Duhamel appeared on screen again in a supporting role.

Films with Sarah Duhamel (Selection)
Les mystères de Paris 1922 | Casimir et Pétronille au bal de l’ambassade 1916 | Casimir et Pétronille font bon ménage 1913 | Pétronille cherche une situation 1913 | Gavroche et Pétronille au pensionnat 1913 | Je ne veux plus de cuisinière 1912 | Rosalie fait du spiritisme 1912 | Rosalie et Léontine vont au théâtre 1911 | Rosalie et ses meubles fidèles 1911


Romeo Bosetti


Romeo Bosetti


Sarah Duhamel


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