Republic of Silence

Diana El Jeiroudi

DE / FR / SY / IT

»This film starts without a picture.«. We just see white letters on a black background. Childhood memories, a camera given as a 7th birthday present, the silhouette of the father. Then an abrupt leap into the present. A couple sit opposite each other in a Berlin flat, staying silent. The pair share a life marked by dictatorship, war, a loss of their homeland, and fear. And a great love for film.

Starting with her life in exile, film-maker and producer Diana El Jeiroudi takes a look back. This takes in life in Syria, the rising political tensions through to the siege of Homs and the desperate pleas for international help. Away from the big headlines, El Jeiroudi focuses on how war invades the private realm, she films family members and friends also forced to leave the country, and addresses her own traumatisation. The film frequently leaves one with a black screen, giving room to El Jeiroudi’s memories, dreams, nightmares, thoughts and feelings. A complex montage weaves together archive footage, portraits of family members and intimate shots of El Jeiroudi and her partner Orwa Nyrabia: coupled with all this, the collapse of Syria and the impact on the people affected by the war becomes palpable in a rare way.

Guest: Diana El Jeiroudi

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Director / Script

Diana El Jeiroudi


Sebastian Bäumler, Diana El Jeiroudi, Orwa Nyrabia, Guevara Namer


Katja Dringenberg, Diana El Jeiroudi


Pascal Capitolin, Diana El Jeiroudi, Raphael Girardot, Nathalie Vidal


Orwa Nyrabia, Guevara Namer, Rami Abou Jamra


Orwa Nyrabia, Diana El Jeiroudi – No Nation Films, Camille Laemle – Les Films d’Ici


Les Films d’Ici



Regisseurin Diana El Jeiroudi

Diana El Jeiroudi

Syrian film-maker and producer Diana El Jeiroudi worked in marketing and communications for several years before she started producing films. Together with her partner Orwa Nyrabia, she founded ProAction Film, an independent production company in Damascus. They also created Dox Box, an international documentary film festival in Syria, and an association bearing the same name, which supports young documentary film-makers in the Arab world. After several documentary shorts, screened at festivals worldwide, Republic of Silence is El Jeiroudi’s feature film debut.

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