Wallah Be

Kald mig bare Aksel

Wallah Be

Pia Bovin

Film Education

»My daughter was in the same class as a boy who converted to Islam when he was eleven years old. That was an impulse for my film, but it is not his story. I wanted to make a realistic film set in Denmark today showing how people live together.«
– Interview with Pia Bovin in: Kinder- und Jugendfilmkorrespondenz 95-3/2003

Axel had been looking forward to spending the summer holidays with his father, but he’s too drunk and so he’s obliged to stay at home with  his mother and sister all summer long. One of the few attractions on offer is a singing competition at the local youth club. Axel is due to appear in the competition with Fatima and Annika – even though he’s not at all enthusiastic about the idea. Axel finds his Muslim neighbours’ sons and their fast cars far more appealing, but the young men just laugh at the little boy. And so, Axel decides to convert to Islam. Axel adjusts his life accordingly: he changes his clothes, drops pork from his diet and says regular prayers to Mecca. Ahmed is how he wishes to be known from now on, a name which neither his mother nor his sister are prepared to get used to. Fatima and Annika are not exactly bowled over by Axel’s alias Ahmed’s new-found religiosity either, because their brand new Muslim group member is finding it hard to rehearse in earnest for the competition. And when Fatima’s parents place her under house arrest, it looks as though their dreams of competing are well and truly dashed. Nevertheless, they continue to practise somehow, even under these difficult circumstances. However, their ability to compete on the day itself all rests on the success of a trick which, if it succeeds, will get Fatima out of the apartment and help Axel feel like a real Muslim – albeit for a short time.

Rated »highly recommended« by the German Films & Media Classification Board.

Awards for ›Kald mig bare Aksel‹ (Selection)
Großer Preis der Internationalen Jury, Kinderfilmfest der Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin 2003 | Preis der Jury, Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam 2003


Pia Bovin


Bo Hr. Hansen


Jakob Banke Olesen


Molly Marlene Stensgaard


Mick Raaschou


Poul Halberg


Adam Gilbert Jespersen, Nour El-Foul, Nadia Bøggild


Zentropa Productions ApS


Atlas Film

Pia Bovin

Born 1963, Pia Bovin studied for three years at art school from 1990 to 1995, subsequently attending Den Danske Filmskole and graduating in 1999. Since then she has worked as a director of television series. Kald mig bare Aksel (Wallah Be) marks her debut as film director.

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