Laurel Sabino y Jaguilla

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz


What might it sound like when a magnolia thinks and speaks? Laurel Sabino y Jaguilla is the common name of a species of magnolia native to the artist’s birthplace and home on the island of Puerto Rico. Magnolia splendens is from an ancient genus that dates back 20 million years. While this flowering plant has survived ice ages, mountain formation and continental drift, it is now endangered by logging and climate change.

Portrait of director Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz is an artist whose expanded moving image work is entangled with Boalian theatre, experimental ethnography, and feminist thought. Her recent work is on the sensorial unconscious of anti-colonial movements and everyday poetic work in the Caribbean. She has received the Herb Alpert Arts Award, a USA Ford Fellowship, and a 2015 Creative Capital Visual Artist Grant.

Films by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz (Selection)
Gosila 2018 | That which identifies them, like the eye of the cyclops 2016 | Marché Salomon 2015 | Ojos para mis enemigos, Otros usos 2014 | La cueva negra 2012