Lauras Stern

Joya Thome

Feature Film
Programme for Kids and Young Adults

After moving to the city, Laura misses her old home badly. One night, she sees a small star fall from the sky. She later finds it with a broken point, so she comforts it and tenderly fixes it with a plaster. Together, Laura and the star experience magical adventures that make even her wildest dreams come true – and with the help of the star, she finally starts to feel at home in the city. For over 20 years, Laura’s Star has been one of Germany’s biggest children’s brands. The timeless character based on Klaus Baumgart’s book now returns to the screens – 15 years after Thilo Graf Rothkirch and Maya Gräfin Rothkirch’s animated film drew a whole generation of young fans to the cinema for the first time. This time round, the enchanting story about friendship, care and trust is told as a live-action film, charmingly and sensitively interpreted by up-and-coming director Joya Thome and produced by Christian Becker and Maya Gräfin Rothkirch. The film introduces very young viewers to important topics in an interesting, amusing and touching way, and at the same time provides entertainment for the whole family.

In cooperation with Cinepänz.

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Joya Thome


Joya Thome, Claudia Seibl, Piet de Rycker, Alexander Lindner, Thilo Graf Rothkirch, Michael Mädel


Daniela Knapp


Steffen Brosseit


Jamin Benazzouz


Sylvain Remy

Sound Design

Laura Matissek, Darius Shahidifar


Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith, Henning Lohner


Emilia Kowalski, Michel Koch, Jonas May, Luise Heyer, Ludwig Trepte, Nicholas Bodeux, Lewe Wagner, Felix Nölle, Giuseppe Bonvissuto, Elisabeth Helga Schwarz, Ceci Chuh


Westside Filmproduktion – Christian Becker, Rothkirch Cartoon-Film – Maya Gräfin


Animationsfabrik – Jörn Radel


Warner Bros. Entertainment

Director Joya Thome

Joya Thome

Joya Thome, born in Berlin in 1990, started making her own short films and working on film sets as a teenager. While working as a director, assistant director and caster, she studied education and social sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin and at New York University. In 2016, she produced her crowdfunded feature film debut Queen of Niendorf. After successfully touring festivals and winning numerous prizes (including the German Director Award METROPOLIS, German Film Critics Association Award, ECFA Award), the film was launched in cinemas in Germany, France and several other European countries in 2018. Thome is currently working on her first cinema documentary Follow Me (working title).

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