Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink

Alison Maclean

Short film
The Film All-Nighter

A single hair in the kitchen sink sets the stage for the birth of a black-and-white feminist horror fable. To maintain the suspense, no more details are revealed here. This is a dark story about fear and desire in which traditional gender roles are reversed. Kitchen Sink was nominated for the Palme d’Or in Cannes in 1989 and is considered to be New Zealand’s most successful short film.

Director / Script

Alison Maclean


Stuart Dryburgh


David Coulson

Sound Design

John McKay, Chris Burt


The Headless Chickens


Theresa Healey, Peter Tait, Annagreta Christian


Bridget Ikin


Kurzfilm Verleih Hamburg

Portrait of Alison Maclean

Alison Maclean

Alison Maclean, who was born in Ottawa in 1958, spent much of her childhood in Canada before emigrating to New Zealand with her parents as a teenager. She is a graduate of the School of Fine Arts, Auckland. In 1992, she directed her first feature film. Maclean then moved to the US, and has continued to make short films, feature projects, and has directed episodes of series like Sex in the City, Carnivale, and Gossip Girl.

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