Ich bin trans*

I am trans*

Marcel-Jana Urban

dt. OmeU
desired! – film lust and queer

Looks in the mirror, day-to-day routines and talking about oneself and one’s own body. Clothes and beard grooming are part of it, as well as the question of what feels good. The film accompanies Gianluca in the routines he has found. He is trans and tries out what he feels comfortable with. It’s about his personal perception rather than society’s expectations. Marcel-Jana Urban’s short creates a mini portrait that gives space to the protagonist.

Guest: Marcel-Jana Urban

Director / Cinematography / Editing

Marcel-Jana Urban


Conifer Wojtaszkiewicz


Gianluca Mangione


ifs internationale filmschule köln

Marcel Jana Urban

Marcel-Jana Urban

Marcel-Jana Urban made first short films and event recordings while still at school. After training as a media designer in image and sound at German broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Urban first worked for two years in WDR’s postproduction department. While at WDR, Urban was an active volunteer in the employee network queer@wdr. Urban has been studying Editing Picture and Sound at ifs International Film School Cologne since September 2021.

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