Überlebenden-Manifest - Die Kunst der Wahlfamilie

Survivor Manifesto – The Art of Making Kin

Dan Dansen

desired! – film lust and queer

The film moves with the images in a plane, a train, through the forest, stops at the water: we see negative images and colour effects. It is a utopian journey. The voice-over is delivered by a chorus of survivors. A film about trauma. How to heal collectively? The voices speak of the importance of reaching out to the pain. And from there, something different can emerge, a different society. Acknowledging the pain inflicted on other people, taking mutual care seriously, seeking connections.

This film deals with the experience of violence.

Guest: Dan  Dansen

Director / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Sound

Dan Dansen


Orange Robinija

Voice Over

Joshua Lerner, Zafira Vrba Woodski, Dan Dansen


Dan Dansen – Bikepunk Productions


Dan Dansen – Bikepunk Productions

Dan Dansen

Dan Dansen

Dan Dansen is a Berlin-based non-binary film-maker and artist who works with experiments, documentary and fiction. The starting point for the work was the documentary form. Dansen studied cultural studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin and film at Berlin University of the Arts. Dansen works on queer issues, analysis of society and utopian perspectives.

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