Comme je suis, comme tu es

How I am, How You are

Alexandra Kurt

Short film
desired! – film lust and queer

A passionate encounter in a storeroom. The desire to get involved with one another but also a slight insecurity about revealing oneself to the other person. Frédéric has landed in this situation with a new acquaintance and comes out as a trans man. Everything happens very quickly. The encounter takes an unexpected but very enjoyable turn for him.

Director / Script / Editing / Contact

Alexandra Kurt


Daniel Halsall


Miriam Goeze, Maya Duftschmid


Mégane Kergoat, Viktor Andonov

Alexandra Kurt

Alexandra Kurt

Alexandra Kurt, born 1997, studied at the BTS – Cinéma et Audiovisuel film school in Luxembourg after completing secondary school. During her studies, she worked on various projects as a director’s assistant and camera assistant, shot her own short films and wrote film reviews as part of the Luxembourg City Film Festival. Since 2019, she has been studying film directing at HFF University of Television and Film Munich.

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