Hier kommt Lola

Hier kommt Lola

Franziska Buch

Film Education

After Lola‘s Brazilian father is subjected to racist abuse and attacks, the patchwork family moves from the small-village confines of Plötze to the big city of Hamburg. He dreams of opening a Brazilian restaurant, the mother works in a hospital and Lola occasionally looks after her aunt who‘s only two years old. For her part, Lola‘s big wish is to have a best friend at school. Yet Flo, the girl who sits next to Lola, stinks of fish because her single-parent mother works on a fish stall in the harbour – plus which she‘s a bit weird as well. The other girls in the class are either too bitchy or have no time. So she has to make do with Stella, her pen-pal, to whom she reveals her big secret: At night, Lola turns into the hugely celebrated singer Jacky Jones. Back in the reality of the everyday world, she has to deal with a few misunderstandings and rounds of teasing until she realises that Flo is not a »shitbag stupid cow« at all but the very best friend of all time.
Franziska Buch says she wants to show her young audiences » (…) that life is an adventure, sometimes hard and even painful, but that it can be overcome«.


Franziska Buch


Vanessa Walder, Uschi Reich nach der Buchreihe »Hier kommt Lola!« von Isabel Abedi


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Franziska Buch

Franziska Buch, born 1960 in Stuttgart, first studied philosophy and literature in Stuttgart and Rome before transferring to the Munich University of Television and Film in 1986. Only a year later, she picked up the European Short Film Award for her first short film Die Ordnung der Dinge. Her graduate piece Die ungewisse Lage des Paradieses (In Search of Paradise) represented her longer film debut in 1991. Her breakthrough came in 1999 with the made-for-TV movie Verschwinde von hier (Get Outta Here) which went on to be awarded Best Film at the Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival in Saarbrücken. Her hitherto most commercially successful film – Bibi Blocksberg und das Geheimnis der blauen Eulen – was shown in German cinemas in 2004. Franziska Buch mostly works for television but repeatedly returns to cinema film. The central theme of nearly all her work is the family and its problems – usually seen from the angle of the children. In addition to her  work as scriptwriter and film director, Ms Buch has been head of the screenplay department at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy since 2002.

Films by Franziska Buch (Selection)
Yoko 2010 | Bibi Blocksberg und das Geheimnis der blauen Eulen 2004 | Emil und die Detektive 2001 | Verschwinde von hier 1999 | Babyraub 1996 | Kinder der Straße 1996 | Mein Herz – niemandem 1994