Gut Renovation

Gut Renovation

Su Friedrich


In the late 1980s, various artists moved into the New York working-class neighbourhood of Williamsburg which, at the time, was still populated by small manufacturers, Polish butchers, and auto repair shops etc. If SoHo took 30 years to evolve from an artists’ bohemia to an art gallery hotspot, to an outdoor shopping mall, Williamsburg’s demise was much faster – due in part to a 2005 zoning law change.
With a jaundiced eye and a combination of wit, anger and political savvy, film-maker Su Friedrich records how the neighbourhood has changed from when she arrived in the 1980s to the rich-hipster haven it has now become: she hovers on the sleek granite kitchen counters featured at the condo openings she attends; she paints ironic graffiti on construction fences; she comments wryly on her new neighbours; she captures each demolition on film.

Awards for ›Gut Renovation‹
Audience Award, Brooklyn International Film Festival 2012

Film programme A Better Life

Director / Cinematography / Editing

Su Friedrich


Su Fredrich, Cathy Quinlan


Bill Seery, Mercer Media


Outcast Films

Su Friedrich

Su Friedrich has lived and worked in New York since the mid-70s. Her 16-mm films and videos have been shown at eighteen retrospectives and are part of the collections at the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art and the Centre Pompidou, among others. She teaches film and video production at Princeton University.

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Gut Renovation
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