Ginger & Rosa

Ginger & Rosa

Sally Potter


»It was a very difficult generation, and many of the daughters of that generation wrongly blamed their mothers.«
– Sally Potter talking to Anne Thompson in:, 19.09.2012

Ginger and Rosa are best-ever friends, growing up in early 1960s London where the uneasiness of the Cold War and the tensions of the sexual revolution are beginning to make their mark. While Ginger writes poems and commits to protests against the looming nuclear war, Rosa takes a leading role in the more practical things of life: smoking, necking with boys and praying. Either way, the girls openly rebel against their parents, dream of an alternative and more exciting way of life. What they would both really hate is to become like their mothers – for whose domestic existence they have nothing but contempt. Ginger’s pacifist Dad is in their eyes a dreamy bohemian but when he separates from her Mum Ginger seeks refuge at his place. A feeling of security that turns out to be not such a good idea when Rosa gets into a fateful relationship with him. Ginger is deeply distraught and turns to a gay couple friendly with the family and their American girl-friend for emotional support. Soon, as the Cuban Crisis worsens, Ginger and Rosa’s friendship begins to break up. At this time of personal catastrophe, only writing can rescue Ginger.

Opening Film of the Dortmund | Cologne International Women’s Film Festival 2013

Director / Script

Sally Potter


Robby Ryan


Anders Refn


Alice Englert, Elle Fanning, Allessandro Nivola, Annette Bening,
Timothy Spall, Oliver Platt, Christina Hendricks und andere


Christopher Sheppard, Andrew Litvin


Concorde Film

Portrait der Regisseurin Sally Potter

Sally Potter

British film-maker Sally Potter was born in London, UK in 1949. She made her first 8 mm film when she was 14, followed by short experimental films. Since 1969 she has also worked as a performance artist, choreographer, dancer and musician. Her international breakthrough as a film director came in 1992 with her Oscar-nominated adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando. In 2012, she was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to film. In 2013, the IWFF Dortmund | Cologne opened up with Potter’s previously directed film Ginger & Rosa.

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