Fun Days with Jake

LeAnn Erickson

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An animation film by LeAnn Erickson made up of drawings that look like they were done by children tells of a beautiful day—until the red ball rolls away while playing football. Exciting adventures with friends ensue, involving a skipping rope, a video camera, and Jake’s refusal to blow his stuffy nose, ending with the question of whether the ball will ever come back.

Awards for »Fun Days with Jake«
Winner: Best Animation – The Education Channel Independent Film Festival 2022

Director / Editing / Production

LeAnn Erickson

Script / Animation

LeAnn Erickson, Jake Rasmussen


LeAnn Erickson, Camille Seaman


David Hartman, Dylan Raditz, Madeline Raditz, Jake Rasmussen


LeAnn Erickson

LeAnn Erickson

LeAnn Erickson

LeAnn Erickson is professor of film and video production at Temple University and has been an independent film-maker for over 35 years. Her work has appeared on television, in media and art galleries, and gained attention at international film festivals. Her documentary Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII has won awards, including the Ruth Landfield Award.

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