Ever After

Ever After

Carolina Hellsgård

Two years ago, zombies took over the Earth. Thanks to a protective fence, Weimar and Jena are probably the only places left where there is still human life. When Vivi (Gro Swantje Kohlhof) and Eva (Maja Lehrer) find each other again between the two cities, unprotected in the open countryside, they are forced to fight the living dead together and also demons from their own past. Their journey takes them to an apocalyptical landscape of intoxicating beauty, thanks to the absence of humans.

Weimar-based author Olivia Vieweg, whose graphic novel with the same title provided the inspiration for the film, received the Tankred Dorst Prize in 2015 for her screenplay debut. Carolina Hellsgård turns this story into a spectacular survival thriller as compelling as any examples set by Hollywood. Her protagonists struggle to survive the threat from the underworld and prove to be more resilient than their male counterparts. Cinematographer Leah Striker finds screen-filling images in the Thuringian forests that are evocative of a fairy-tale apocalypse.
All creative roles in this ambitious horror genre film were filled by women: direction, script and cinematography as well as editing, music score, set design, costumes, make-up, production and, last but not least, the leading roles. A feminist zombie film and a rare case of German genre cinema at its best. (SH)


Carolina Hellsgård


Olivia Vieweg


Leah Striker


Ruth Schönegge, Julia Oehring


Franziska Henke


Martin Witte


Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Maja Lehrer, Trine Dyrholm, Barbara Philipp,
Axel Werner u. a.


Ingelore König (Grown Up Films)


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Portrait of director Carolina Hellsgård

Carolina Hellsgård

Carolina Hellsgård was born in Stockholm. She studied at Berlin University of the Arts and at the California Institute of the Arts on a DAAD scholarship. Her debut film Wanja celebrated its world première at the Berlinale 2015 and won the prize for best debut film at Biberach Film Festival and best screenplay prize at Valletta Film Festival, Malta.

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