Süheyla Schwenk

Best friends 4 ever? There’s no question about it for Zerda and Mia – until now! This school year, everything’s different. Zerda is suddenly invited by cool Leyla to join her girls’ gang, where there’s apparently no room for other friendships. Or is there? When Leyla and her clique invite Zerda into the room to discuss an upcoming class trip, Zerda is uneasy, surprised, and above all flattered. But she has one condition: Mia has to come too! Leyla and the other girls are not happy, but they agree. Mia is also sceptical about the blossoming friendship between Zerda and Leyla. Eventually, Mia and Zerda’s friendship is put to the test when Zerda celebrates her birthday with Leyla and the others instead of Mia. Zerda would prefer not to choose between Mia and Leyla at all and be friends with both, but it’s not possible! For once, that’s something Leyla and Mia agree on. When a Halloween challenge gets totally out of control, Zerda and Mia stop talking to each other completely. Can the two make up again? And can Zerda still be friends with Leyla? Either way, each of the girls grows and learns from the challenges of acknowledging their feelings, apologising, forgiving and being there for each other. After all, that’s what friendship is about!

The web series ECHT is an adaptation of the Norwegian drama series Lik meg.

Guests: Christine Hartmann, Riccarda Cordula Schemann

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Süheyla Schwenk, Melanie Waelde, Anna Sofie Hartmann


Maurice Wilkerling, Jan Mayntz, Jenny Lou Ziegel


Senem Göcmen, Facundo Sanchez, Anna-Lena Engelhardt


Tim Altrichter, Leo Aderhold

Sound Design

Clemens Ringelhan


Aleyna Kuş, Arazay Zink Campis, Laila Mascher, Christian Bojidar, Tina Pfurr, Berfin Sönmez, Dominic Brandl, Eddie Scharenberg, Hauke Tài Hoàng, Jakob Leßmann, Lia Kahtin, Nhung Bảo Ngọc Lê, Niala Imani Mtoro, Noël Leßmann, Romy Sekan, Shahriar Sadeghian, Amani Mtoro, Eray von Egilmez, Halima Ilter


Studio Zentral – Lasse Scharpen, Christine Hartmann, Olivia Kpalété


Studio Zentral

Director Süheyla Schwenk

Süheyla Schwenk

Süheyla Schwenk is a multi-award-winning director and screenwriter who was born in Sweden but grew up in Turkey. She has been studying film directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) since 2012. She won numerous national and international awards with her first feature film Jiyan. Her short film Sevince received an award at the Toronto Film Festival in 2016 and was rated »particularly valuable« by the German film rating authority Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung. Schwenk directed the first three episodes of the new youth series ECHT (ZDFtivi), which are presented here at the festival: S01 E01: Lover or Loser, S01 E02: Shake it off and S01 E03: Unser Song.

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