The Dead and the Living

Die Lebenden

The Dead and the Living

Barbara Albert

Sita is 25, lives in Berlin and is studying German literature. One night, she ends up in the studio of Jocquin, an Israeli artist photographer. Something about him affects her and she cannot forget him as easily as she had expected. Then, during the 95th birthday celebrations for her beloved Granddad, she accidentally finds a photo of him in SS uniform. Since her father refuses any further information, she decides to investigate on her own. A document in an archive in Vienna takes her to Poland, a souvenir photo to Warsaw. There she finds new evidence and meets Silva, a political activist. When Jocquin, who has followed her to Warsaw, falls in love with Silva, Sita flees back to Vienna.
Yet before she can talk to her grandfather, he dies. At his funeral, she meets an uncle who is in possession of videotapes on which Granddad talks about his time as an SS guard. And when she watches the videos, she becomes even more enmeshed in the abyss that is her family history.
The Dead and the Living is an autobiographically inspired story of a woman on a search for her roots – a story of losing one’s homeland and discovering oneself, of hope and responsibility.

Director / Script

Barbara Albert


Bogumil Godfrejów


Monika Willi


Dietmar Zuson


Lorenz Dangel


Anna Fischer, August Zirner, Hans Schuschnig, Daniela Sea, Itay Tiran, Winfried Glatzeder und andere


coop99 filmproduktion


Real Fiction Filmverleih

Portrait of director Barbara Albert

Barbara Albert

Barbara Albert was born 1970 in Vienna. She first studied drama, German literature and journalism before taking up film direction and scriptwriting at Vienna Film Academy. Her internationally successfully short films were followed by her debut feature film Nordrand in (1999). Ms Albert also co-founded coop99, a production company. She has worked as a co-author on several occasions and also wrote the screenplay to Auswege (2003). In the case of Fallen, which was shown in competition at the Dortmund festival in 2007, she functioned as writer, director and producer. In addition, she teaches as guest professor and lecturer at several colleges or universities such as Cologne International Film School and Vienna Film Academy. She has lived in Berlin since 2010.

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