Das Translator

Das Translator

Dorit Kiesewetter und Carsten Knoop


A German man, a Turkish man and an Israeli man meet up … and an Azerbaijani man translates for them with the help of the Internet. In this short, Das Translator, Dorit Kiesewetter and Carsten Knoop put the German national anthem through the meanderings of an Internet translation machine.

Awards for ›Das Translator‹
Querdenker Preis, Blicke aus dem Ruhrgebiet 2011

Directors / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Sound

Dorit Kiesewetter, Carsten Knoop

Production / Contact


Portrait of Carsten Knoop and Dorit Kiesewetter

Dorit Kiesewetter und Carsten Knoop

Carsten Knoop always liked showing everyone a thing or two, perhaps explaining why he became a projectionist.
Dorit Kiesewetter was one to get to the bottom of things – she’s now a primary school teacher.
Together, the duo have been making shorts and micro films for 30 years, and also run the Lichtmess-Kino cinema in Hamburg-Altona.

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