Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake

Jennifer Reeder

Feature Film

A group of young girls take over a skate park. Behind the big fence that surrounds the concrete field around the half pipes, they have created their own realm. Here they can skate as much as they want, boys are not allowed in. When Ladan arrives in town, the girls automatically include her in the group. Crystal Lake is an ode to solidarity among girls.

Director / Buch

Jennifer Reeder


Christopher Rejano


Mike Olenick


Jason Culver

Sound design

Jennifer Reeder


Marcela Okeke, Shea Glover, Sebastian Summers, Kristyn Zoe Wilkerson, Ron Stevens


Forevering Films


Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder

Born in Ohio in 1971, the artist and film-maker has been exploring the subjects of identity, relationships and trauma management in her experimental videos for twenty years. Her films are shown all over the world and have received numerous awards. Reeder graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is currently professor of Moving Image at the School of Art and Design, University of Illinois, Chicago.

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