But Elsewhere Is Always Better

Mais ailleurs c’est toujours Mieux

But Elsewhere Is Always Better

Vivian Ostrovsky


On 5 October 2015, Belgian director Chantal Akerman took her own life. Film-maker and curator Vivian Ostrovsky had been a friend of Akerman’s since the early 70s. In But Elsewhere is Always Better Ostrovsky takes a look back, mixing her own Super 8 material with extracts from Akerman’s work and linking places that were familiar to them both. A forty-year-long friendship condensed into a four-minute film.

Film series Internal Migration


Vivian Ostrovsky


Vivian Ostrovsky, Ruti Gadish


Ruti Gadish


On the Fly, Vivian Ostrovsky


Light Cone

Vivian Ostrovsky

The work of experimental film-maker Vivian Ostrovsky has been shown at major film festivals (including Berlin, Rotterdam, London, New York, and Vienna) and is also part of the collections at the MoMA in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Arsenal in Berlin. Ostrovsky curates the Carte Blanche section of the Jerusalem Film Festival and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Film Center, New York’s Film Forum and Light Cone, Paris.

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