Blood Below the Skin

Blood Below the Skin

Jennifer Reeder

Feature Film

»Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.«
Eleanor Roosevelt / Graffiti in Blood Below the Skin

Jennifer Reeder’s film chronicles a week in the lives of three teenagers who are preparing for the most important night of their lives – the Prom Night. While one of them sells underwear worn by her mother to a teacher, the other two fall unexpectedly in love with one another. Intimate moments, a feeling of comfort, alone and as a pair in the bedroom. The music blasting out of the record player creates a synchronicity between the girls. Blood Below the Skin is a powerful ode to adolescence.

Film programme Life’s a Bitch

Director / Script / Contact

Jennifer Reeder


Christopher Rejano


Mike Olenick


Paul Dickinson


Aesop Rock, Arms and Sleepers, Stars of the Lid, Joan Jett


Kelsy Ashby-Middleton, Morgan Reesh, Marisa Castillo, Jennifer Estlin, Connor Golden, TJ Jagodowsky, Megan Johns


Steven Hudosh

Portrait of Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder is a filmmaker and visual artist as well as associate professor and director of graduate studies at the School of Art at the University of Illinois in Chicago. She received a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. She has been repeatedly nominated for the Rockefeller Grants for Film/Video/New Media. In 2001, she was also nominated for the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award for Visual Art and the Richard H. Dreihaus Foundation Award. She lives in Chicago with her children. Reeder speaks with deeply feminist conviction about trauma and overcoming trauma. Her award-winning work has screened internationally, including at the Sundance Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, the Rotterdam Film Festival, the London Film Festival, SXSW, Venice Biennale and the Whitney Biennale.

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