Queena Li

Feature Film
International Debut Feature Film Competition

This film will also be available online on our VoD platform from March 29 to April 10, 2022. Please note: This film will only be available in Germany.

A young woman in a telephone box. We can’t hear the conversation, but we see its effect – the physical shock. Flashback sequences follow, bodies underwater, contrasting black and white images of a swimming pool fill the screen. The tone is set for this unusual road movie. Kun is travelling from China to Lhasa, Tibet. On a pilgrimage, she says, although she doesn’t know the real reasons herself.

Every road movie needs a buddy character, and Kun’s companion is a rainbow lobster which she rescues from a tiny aquarium in a hotel lobby. It becomes her mission. She buys a taxi to take the supposedly sacred crustacean across the country, back to the legendary waters from which it originates. On her journey across Tibet’s vast plains, the singer-songwriter meets countless bizarre characters and ends up in all kinds of situations. Musician Leah Dou, daughter of Cantonese pop superstar Faye Wong, stars in her first leading role and also contributed to the film’s fascinating score.

The lobster’s liberation becomes a hallucinogenic exploration of the boundaries of trauma, grief and reality. Striking colour effects slip into the crisp black and white, the camera’s gaze becomes that of the lobster, alienating effects replace surreal sequences, interspersed with odd cameo appearances (Khyentse Norbu as a wig salesman). Queena Li’s debut is a veritable spectacle of forms and ideas for her variation on the Orpheus myth, which slowly brings the protagonist back to reality.

Guests: Queena Li, Cutter Li

This film will also be available online on our VoD platform from March 29 to April 10, 2022. Please note: This film will only be available in Germany.

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Director / Script

Queena Li


Aloka Ke


Tian Zhuangzhuang


Zhang Yang


Leah Dou


Leah Dou, Giver He

Production / Contact

Beijing Nameless Pictures Co., Ltd.

Portrait of director Queena Li

Queena Li

Queena Li, born in China in 1985, studied communication and film production at York St. John University in the UK, and film-directing at the Beijing Film Academy. She has written, directed and produced four short films, Save Wisdoms Now – The 84000 Story (2020), The Final Wish (2016), Gateway to Heaven (2014) and Wall (2011). Her short film Wall was nominated at several domestic and international film festivals, including XiNing FIRST International Film Festival, Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, California International Shorts Festival, and Macau International Movie Festival. Li also produces commercials and music videos.

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