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»I like strong characters, as long as they are not too perfect. Binti is the heroine, but she is also a girl of flesh and blood with her weak sides. Yet, in this film it is the kids who come up with solutions, while the parents keep muddling through.«
Frederike Migom

Twelve-year-old Binti dreams of becoming a famous vlogger and goes nowhere without her mobile phone. She lives in Europe with her father, who was born in Congo, but still has no official residence permit. When Binti meets the shy Elias by chance, she hatches a plan. In the meantime, Elias is busy trying to protect the endangered African forest giraffe. »Lots of okapis live all over the world today. They have forgotten their homeland but are still searching for freedom.«

Awards for Binti (Selection)

Arthouse Cinemas Network Award – Ale Kino! International Young Audience Film Festival 2019 | Bronze CastleCastellinaria International Festival of Young Cinema 2019 | Cinekid International Lion Jury Award – Cinekid 2019 | Best Feature Film – Junior Fest 2019 | Special Jury Diploma – Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival 2019 | Grand Prix de Montréal – Montréal International Children’s Film Festival 2019

Director / Script

Frederike Migom


Joachim Philippe


Coen Gravendaal, Jan Schermer


Le Motel


Bebel Tshiani Baloji, Mo Bakker, Joke Devynck, Baloji, Tatyana Beloy, Aboubakr Bensaihi, Frank Dierens, Alix Konadu, Veronica Van Belle, Kuno Bakker


Bulletproof Cupid, Family Affair Films, Kwassa Films


Barnsteiner Film

Portrait of director Frederike Migom

Frederike Migom

Frederike Migom is a Brussels-based film director and screenwriter. She studied drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York before getting a degree in film at the École Superieure d’Etudes Cinématographiques in Paris. Her feature debut Binti (2019) had its North American premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2020 and has since collected a series of awards and nominations, including the ECFA Award for Best European Youth Film 2020 and the Best International Children’s Film at Cinekid in 2019, among many others.

Films by Frederike Migom
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