On the Sly

A pas de loup

On the Sly

Olivier Ringer

Film education

Cathy’s parents drive from Paris to their house in the country every weekend. Otherwise, they hardly take any interest in their daughter. Cathy, though, has got lots of questions she’d like to ask but doesn’t trust herself. And so she becomes increasingly unhappy and talks only to herself in her own mind. She also wonders whether her parents would even miss her if she wasn’t there. Which is why she decides to put her parents to the test.
One day, she doesn’t get into the car that is meant to return them to the big city. Instead, she disappears »on the sly«. It’s only back in Paris that the parents realise that their daughter is missing and beat a hasty retreat. Yet Cathy has already found a hideaway and wants to live alone in the woods from now on. A fish and a few plants become her friends as the she learns to fend to for herself. Eventually, she decides to return to her family and given them another chance. The film narrates of a journey into the forest, of self-determination and of being free.

Awards for ›A pas de loup‹
Kinderjurypreis, Montreal International Children’s Film Festival 2011 | Preis des Europäischen Kinderfilmverbandes 2012

Director / Cinematography / Editing

Olivier Ringer


Olivier Ringer, Yves Ringer


Vincent Mauduit


Bruno Alexiu


Wynona Ringer, Olivier Ringer, Macha Ringer, Ursula Noyer, Jean-Claude Lenaert


Yves Ringer Antoine Simkine in Koproduktion mit Les Films d’Antoine


Delphis Films Inc.

Olivier Ringer

Born 1961 in Brussels, Ringer began his career as a camera assistant, including for Jean Badal and Henri Alekan. In 1987, he made his first short film Haute pression. Before he made his first feature film in 2006, he worked as a director for video clips, commercials as well as numerous sketches for the French satirical show Les Guignols de l’info on Canal+. His second long film À pas de loup was shown at the Berlinale in the Generation section in 2011 and a year later won the ECFA Award for Best European Film for Children.

Films by Olivier Ringer
À pas de loup 2011 | Pom le poulain 2006 | Haute pression 1987