2 or 3 Things I Don’t Know About Her

2 ou 3 choses que je ne sais pas d’elle

2 or 3 Things I Don’t Know About Her

Sabrina Idiri Chemloul


Eighteen-year-old Lila is torn between her Islamic faith and her first sexual experiences. To her parents’ dismay, she wears a headscarf. At the same time, she’s afraid she might be pregnant. Lila struggles to come to terms with her situation. Eventually, she opens up to her loving and supportive sisters. With sensitivity, optimism and humour, the film explores the themes of identity, independence, the feeling of belonging and the expectations of others.

Director / Script

2 ou 3 choses que je ne sais pas d’elle


Nastasja Saerens


Ludivine Saës

Sound Design

Pierre-Albert Vivet, Frédéric Hamelin


Faraj Suleiman


Emma Boulanouar, Assia Saci, Kenza Lagnaoui, Yasmina Talibi, Youghorta Mimouni, Sajad Ahmad Nayebi, Harmandeep Palminder, Mariam Diaw, Alexandre Gelister


La Cellule Productions – Marion Barré, Soyo Giaoui



Portrait of Sabrina Idiri Chemloul

Sabrina Idiri Chemloul

Sabrina Idiri Chemloul made her first short film as part of L’Etna – Atelier de cinéma expérimental (Paris), an experimental piece with photos and archive images on 16 mm film. She then continued her work as a director of short films in Canada and the US, where she also supervised scripts for numerous feature films and series and began writing her own screenplays. She is currently developing her first feature-length documentary film and a series.

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