Sophie Maintigneux, Daniela Knapp

Focussing on the films and career of Daniela Knapp, this workshop will provide participants with an in-depth look into her experiences as a camerawoman and director of photography, a career path in which she faced both antagonism and good fortune. She will be talking about her personal perspectives and the way she approaches her work using light and camera. She will also be advising on ways and means of contact-brokering with film producers and directors. Her talk will be illustrated and complemented by a series of film extracts while leaving adequate time for questions and discussions.

Portrait of Jury member Sophie Maintigneux

Sophie Maintigneux

Sophie Maintigneux## was born in France in 1961. After several years as a camera assistant, she began working as a cinematographer in 1984. She has since directed the photography and camerawork on over 70 feature-length documentaries and films. She has taught at various art and film academies ever since 1990. From 2006 to 2011 she co-headed the camera department at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB), and from 2011 to 2021 was a professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM). In November 2021 she joined the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF as a professor. Maintigneux is a member of the European Film Academy. She is passionately dedicated to promoting the careers of young female cinematographers in the CINEMATOGRAPHINNEN network. She is the recipient of numerous awards.

Films by Sophie Maintigneux (Cinematography, Selection)
Trans – I got Life 2021 | Mario 2018 | draußen 2018 | Das Zimmermädchen Lynn 2014 | Fräulein Stinnes fährt um die Welt 2009 | Alter und Schönheit 2009 | Die dünnen Mädchen 2008 | Hannah 2007 | Heidi M. 2001 | L’amour, l’argent, l’amour 1997

Daniela Knapp

Daniela Knapp was born 1972 in the Tyrol. From 1992, she studied at the Zelig Film & TV Academy in Bolzano, following which she took up photography at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy in Ludwigsburg. For the inventive camera work to Sven Taddicken‘s Mein Bruder der Vampir (My Brother the Vampire), she received in 2001 the Eastman Award at the International Hof Film Festival as well as Best Cinematography Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival in New York. She is renowned for her self-assurance, her hard work and her ability to remain creative and keep to  budget. Emmas Glück (Emma‘s Bliss) was shown on the German cinema circuit in 2006, gaining numerous prizes around the world. Was am Ende zählt (Nothing Else Matters) won the German Film Award in 2009.

Films by Daniela Knapp (Selection)
Poll 2010 | Was am Ende zählt 2009 | Finnischer Tango 2008 | Tandoori Love 2008 | 1. Mai – Helden bei der Arbeit 2008 | Dein Herz in meinem Hirn 2006 | Emmas Glück 2006 | Bin ich sexy 2004 | Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei 2004 | Mein Bruder der Vampir 2001