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12th of May: »Seven Winters in Tehran«

After a moving screening at our festival 2023, we are once again presenting the impressive and award-winning documentary film by Steffi Niederzoll in our World Views series. The KHM graduate’s debut film has just been honoured with a »Golden Lola« for »Best Documentary Film« at the German Film Awards. Seven Winters in Tehran is a call for justice for Iranian society, which has been asking the rest of the world to be vigilant since before 2022.

At the age of 19, Reyhaneh survives a sexual assault in Tehran by fighting back in her time of need. Her attacker dies and Reyhaneh is arrested and sentenced to death. For her family, a time of worry, mental anguish and a constant struggle to set various instances in motion to avert the sentence begins. Steffi Niederzoll’s debut shows in an impressive way that violence does not have to be repeated on a visual level, but that other artistic approaches can be found to draw attention to concealed injustices.

Seven Winters in Tehran
May 12th 2024 • 3 p.m. • Kino im U/innogy Forum im Dortmunder U • free admission

The film will be shown in the original with German subtitles.

The »World Views« programme is aimed primarily at women with and without an immigrant background, but is also open to anyone who enjoys watching good films. The conversations following the film screenings – with and without guests – are usually passionate and engaging, but always characterized by mutual respect.