You’ll Know What to Do With Me

Sabrás qué hacer conmigo

You’ll Know What to Do With Me

Katina Medina Mora

Feature Film

»It was clear to me that this was about two people who have different fears about living, either from physical ailments or emotional issues like depression. In losing fear, they find life. They find love and lose their fear of death.«
– Ilse Salas

A photographer by trade, the amiable Nicolás falls in love with the self- aware Isabel. Nicolás, who has suffered from epilepsy since childhood, seems at first glance to lead a normal life – but one that implies many sacrifices. From early age onwards, he has learned to coordinate his everyday life with his illness. Isabel too, appears to be a woman who has her life under control. But even that is not the entire truth. Her mother is ill and depressed, and Isabel has no choice but to try and help. To come to terms with one another, they must first accept their own weaknesses and demons. In that process, they start a relationship that neither of them would have expected … because neither of them has previously ever dared break out.

Isabel initially has a somewhat nebulous effect on Nicolás. Watching from his perspective, the viewers will ask themselves: How can the mood of this young woman change so often, seemingly by the minute? In the second section of the film, the narrative rewinds to the beginning, and we learn how Isabel perceived the process of becoming acquainted. A love story that Katina Medina Mora narrates giving equal weight to the perspectives of both characters. The third and final section, entitled Isabel y Nicolás focuses on the couple’s view of how they will jointly cope with the existing challenges.

Awards for ›Sabrás qué hacer conmigo‹
Work in Progress Fox + – Los Cabos International Film Festival 2014



Katina Medina Mora


Emma Bertrán, Samara Ibrahim


Erwin Jaquez


Aina Calleja


Javier Umpierrez


Andrés Sánchez


Ilse Salas, Pablo Derqui, Rosa María Bianchi

Production / Contact

Bobblehead Productions


Katina Medina Mora

Born 1980 in Pittsburgh, USA, Mora now lives in Mexico City. Having studied film-directing at London Film School, her debut film LuTo, which she made on a shoestring budget within fifteen days, won the Casete Award at Los Cabos International Film Festival. She has directed several music videos for indie bands including Broken Social Scene. In addition to her film work, Mora is also active in the theatre. Her piece La acera de enfrente premiered at the Tamaulipas Theatre Festival and then went on tour, taking in a season at the Sala Chopin in Mexico City. Currently, together with screenwriter Emma Bertrán, Mora is working on the script for her third feature film Adam’s Apple.

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