Wulkania (Mary Ocher, Felix Kubin)

Wulkania (Mary Ocher, Felix Kubin)

Mariola Brillowska

Music video
The Film All-Nighter

The Fabric with which we work / Is the fabric of men’s minds / The all seeing / All knowing / Eye

Director / Editing / Production / Contact

Mariola Brillowska


Axel Schäffler


Mary Ocher, Felix Kubin


Mary Ocher, Bela Brillowska, Felix Kubin

Portrait of Mariola Brillowska

Mariola Brillowska

Mariola Brillowska is a visual, media and performance artist as well as author, director and producer. Born and raised in Poland, at 20 she emigrated to Germany, where she studied fine art at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg (HFBK). 2005–2013 she was Professor of Art at Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Offenbach. Her novel Hausverbot was published in 2013. She has won various film, poetry and radio play awards, incl. the Golden Lola (German Short Film Award 2017) and the German Film Critics Association Award 2019.

Films by Mariola Brillowska
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