What Time Is Love?

What Time Is Love?

Anna Franceschini

IT / NL / DE
Experimental Documentary

»Jochen, turn on the reindeer, will you?« – The testing facilities at the headquarters of the TÜV inspection association in Nuremberg specialises in approving toys and products for small children. In a mixture of documentary and fiction film, Anna Franceschini’s What Time Is Love? examines the test objects she finds in this context in terms of their sculptural and symbolic value. What does it mean to have to meet the standards of society?


Anna Franceschini


Pierluigi Laffi


Massimo Mosca

Sound design

Federico Chiari


Anna Franceschini, Selador Production


Anna Franceschini

Anna Franceschini

Anna Franceschini was born in Pavia in 1979 and lives and works in Milan. Her oeuvre is mainly composed of moving images and performative pieces. Her films have been presented and recognised at festivals in Rotterdam, Locarno, Turin, Milan, and at the Courtisane Festival Ghent, among others. Her work is part of several institutional and private collections, such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the MACRO Museum in Rome.

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