What We Do not See

What We Do not See

Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt


»We are not supposed to be aware of the electromagnetic world. Indeed, it’s as though someone is operating a policy of disinformation. They say it’s natural that everything is wireless, that everything comes out of the cloud. But that’s absurd! So I want to render audible what’s actually behind it all.«
– Christina Kubisch

In the beginning was the vision of a wirelessly free exchange of information designed to connect all humanity. And today it has come true. Seven billion mobile phones sold worldwide and concomitant wireless technology make our modern cities pulsate in the truest sense of the word.
A dream for many, if not for all. For some, the radiation causes physical pain from which they need to escape.
In her film, Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt accompanies five people from different countries. One thing unites them: they are all electrohypersensitive – i.e. they react physically to electromagnetic waves and live on the margins of our networked society. Take Clarissa, for example, who can no longer stand the rays and has therefore sewn herself an overcoat of protective material in order to go shopping in town. Or Sosthène and his wife Catherine who have to shield themselves and their children completely.
For her part, sound artist Christina Kubisch is not electromagnetically hypersensitive. She does not have to flee from the waves of radiation. On the contrary, she hunts them down and collects them. She is a pioneer in the field of electromagnetic sonification and has developed special headphones that make the waves audible. Dortmund’s Museum Ostwall will be exhibiting Christina Kubisch’s Electrical Walk »U«.

Film programme No More Comfort

Director / Script

Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt


Judith Benedikt


Joana Scrinzi


Andreas Hamza, Peter Kutin, Richard Fleming, Florian Kindlinger, Sebastian Kleinloh, Immo Trümpelmann, Fabian Begnert


Plan C Filmproduktion, Claudia Wohlgenannt

Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt

After completing her studies of drama, film & television in Vienna and Berlin, Anna Katharina Wohlgenannt has worked since 2007 as an assistant director on TV and cinema productions. Her first feature film was released in October 2010.

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