Time’s Up

Time’s Up

Marie-Catherine Theiler, Jan Peters

The Film All-Nighter

»(…) is it even possible to lose or win time?«
– Marie-Catherine Theiler & Jan Peters

When pregnant film director Marie-Catherine Theiler and her boyfriend Jan Peters are involved in a car accident, they begin to realise how much they waste their time running hectically around. They decide to slow down their lives. They are just not sure how to go about this. Jan attends a time management course and Marie-Catherine, a slowingdown workshop. Together they meet time experts and ask precisely those questions that most of us would probably ask as well. With rapid edits, bright colours and ironic comments, Time‘s Up accompanies the couple on their insane search for lost time.

Director / Script

Marie-Catherine Theiler, Jan Peters


Marcus Winterbauer, Marie-Catherine Theiler, Jan Peters


Sandra Trostel


Johannes Grehl


Pit Przygodda


Stefan Kloos, Jan Peters


Kloos & Co Medien GmbH

Marie-Catherine Theiler

Marie-Catherine Theiler was born in Lucerne in 1976. She studied drama in Bern and Freiburg and was an assistant at the Institute for Theatre Studies at the University of Bern. From 1997 to 2000, she worked as an actor and production assistant in Bern. She then studied film at the École Supérieure Des Beaux Arts (ESBA) in Geneva, graduating in 2006 as a master pupil under Claudio Pazienza and Jean-Louis Comolli. In 2008, she received a grant for Berlin from the Cultural Commission of Central Switzerland.

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Jan Peters

Jan Peters was born in Hannover in 1966 and studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. He was a cofounder in 1994 of the film group Abbildungszentrum. As well as shorts and features, Jan Peters develops audio plays and is involved in exhibitions. He lives and works in Berlin.

Films by Jan Peters
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