Tilly in a Boarding House

Tilly in a Boarding House

Alma Taylor (Artist), Chrissie (Ada Constance) White (Artist)

Short film
Finally Back on the Silver Screen

Tilly and Sally go on a nocturnal joy ride dressed as men. As usual, at the end of the film, they present their victims – the authorities – with a picture of innocence, and thus escape punishment.


Lewin Fitzhamon


Alma Taylor, Chrissie White


Hepworth Manufacturing Company


EYE Film Instituut Nederland

Alma Taylor (Artist)

Born 1895 in London, Alma Taylor was active in film from 1907 to 1957. She was the favorite actress of producer Cecil Hepworth up to his final film in 1926. Indeed, she was the top female star in British cinema along with Betty  Balfour. Amy Taylor died in London in 1974.

Chrissie (Ada Constance) White (Artist)

Chrissie (Ada Constance) White was born 1895 in London and was active in film from 1908 to 1933. She was a star at the Hepworth Studio. After the Tilly and Sally series, she teamed up with Henry Edwards as the first British screen couple with celebrity status. Chrissie White died in Hollywood in 1989.