The Man Woman Case

The Man Woman Case

Anaïs Caura

Animation film

Sydney, 1920: The police discover the body of a woman. There is little evidence to prove it, but Police Inspector Dick is convinced it was murder. At the same time, a group of sailors jokes about at the docks. One of them, Eugène, stands a little further away. On the way back to his small hotel room, Eugène is overwhelmed by memories. The disappearance of his wife Annie is one of them. After a short time, the whole city begins to talk about Eugène. The identity of this young sailor remains unclear, the police investigate, the mob gets ready.
Anaïs Caura first read about the story of Eugène Falleni (25.7.1875- 10.6.1938), who was born Eugenia Falleni and also known as Harry Leo Crawford and Jean Ford, in a newspaper article. The article was about the disappearance of Eugene’s wife Annie Birketts and police investigations into the case. The Man Women Case tells the tragic story in ten episodes. Rotoscoping elements, mainly in black and white, underline the real life events, while 2D animations convey Eugène’s emotional state and memories. They merge into a gripping and poignant crime story told from different perspectives.

Awards for ›The Man Woman Case‹
Jury Award for a TV Series – Annecy International Animation Festival, 2017 | Winner International Mid-Length Competition – Riga International Film Festival 2Annas 2017 | Best Original Soundtrack – Festival La Cabina, Valencia 2018

Director / Graphic

Anaïs Caura


Joëlle Oosterlinck


Nadine Buss


Nazim Meslem


Hugo Frasseto


Pierre Oberkamp


2P2L / My Fantasy, Antoine Piwnik, Hélène Gendronneau

Anaïs Caura

Anaïs Caura graduated from the animated cinema section of EnsAD in 2011 and now works as a graphic designer / 2D animator. After teaching for a while, she completed a residency at La Bande Vidéo in Quebec and at Montreal’s Atelier Circulaire. In 2014, she exhibited her xylogravures at the 9th World Triennial of Printmaking and Engraving. She has directed short films and institutional films. She has been collaborating with the production companies 2P2L and My Fantasy since 2013, starting with the public service magazine Consomag and then the short programme broadcast Désintox. In April 2017, she released the animated web series The Man Woman Case which won several prizes at international festivals. She also produces illustrations for the musical site MailTape, and is part of the Babouchka group of animators.