The Magical Dimension

Gudrun Krebitz

Animation film, Short film

»You can always be in two places at once, did you know? The real world and the magical world.« The voice on the phone whispers in your ear − there’s a way to alter reality. A journey through graveyards, unknown waters, poems and wishes in a film that tells us that what we long for has been waiting for us for an eternity in our very own underworld. A poetic film, like a prayer, a journey to the abyss, to reclaim what we are missing, to open the gateway to the real world.

Director / Script / Cinematography / Editing / Animation

Gudrun Krebitz

Sound Design

Gudrun Krebitz, Marian Mentrup


Gudrun Krebitz


sixpack film

Gudrun Krebitz

Born in Graz in 1983, Gudrun Krebitz is an artist and filmmaker whose work focuses on experimental animation and single-image drawings. Her narrative-based short films have been screened and have collected prizes at film festivals throughout the world. The Magical Dimension is her first film since finishing her MA at the Royal College of Art in London.

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