The Fourfold

Alisi Telengut

Animation film

Based on the ancient animistic beliefsand shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, The Fourfold is an exploration of the indigenous worldview and wisdom. Against the backdrop of the modern existential crisis and the human-induced rapid environmental change, there is a necessity to reclaim the ideas of animism for planetary health.

Awards for The Fourfold
Jury Award for Best Animation Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, USA 2020 |  Jury AwardCinécipo Festival do Filme Insurgente, Brazil 2020

Director / Script / Animation / Editing / Production / Contact

Alisi Telengut

Portrait of Alisi Telengut

Alisi Telengut

Alisi Telengut, Canadian artist of Mongolian origin, has won, and been nominated for, countless international awards for her work. Telengut’s uniquely-styled animation and moving image artworks have made a valuable contribution to ethnographic and ethnocultural research. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

Films by Alisi Telengut
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