Cua de Sirena

Siren’s Tail

Alba Barbé i Serra, Miquel Muntaner Marcè

Animation film
ECFA Short Film Award

Roque is confused and sad. When he proudly dresses up as a mermaid for carnival, he’s laughed at by all the other children. There always seems be a decision he has to make. Black or white? Fish or meat? Boy or girl? But there are so many other possibilities! After meeting some wonderful mythical creatures, he finally plucks up the courage to go his own way.

Awards for Cua de Sirena
Premio del Público, Mejor Corto Extranjero – Festival Mix Brasil de Cultura da Diversidade 2021

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Alba Barbé i Serra


Miquel Muntaner Marcè


Alba Barbé i Serra, Sara Carro Ibarra


Joan Tous

Animation / Editing

Miki Emes

Sound / Music

Santi Careta, Marcel-lí Bayer




Agencia Freak

Director Alba Barbé i Serra

Alba Barbé i Serra

Alba Barbé i Serra is a doctor of social and cultural anthropology. She specialises in researching gender-based violence, homophobia and transphobia. She wants to encourage public discussion about the subject.

Films by Alba Barbé i Serra
EnFemme 2018

Director Miquel Muntaner Marcè

Miquel Muntaner Marcè

Miquel Muntaner Marcè is a graphic designer and film-maker. He completed a degree in graphic design at the Escola d’art i Disseny de Sant Cugat and a programme in animation technology at the Escola de Cinema de Barcelona. Stop motion is his preferred stylistic device.

Films by Miquel Muntaner Marcè
2018 | Kinsale – Bury the Cat 2018 | Shoots 2013