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Alice Lowe


»Pregnancy is traditionally a world in pastel. Softness, lightness, inherent kindness. And yet here I was experiencing an unexpected vividness and intensity. Inexplicable sadness. Food revulsion. Neon blissful ecstasy. Annoyance. Rage! It was nothing like what I had ever seen portrayed on screen,« says director and main protagonist Alice Lowe. And so she created the heavily pregnant Ruth, a woman overwhelmed by fury when she talks to her unborn child. Her husband has died in a tragic accident. Ruth is angry, lonely and hurt and holds other people responsible. Intent on revenge, Ruth goes on a murderous rampage. This slasher comedy with blackest British humour turns a revenge film into »Prevenge«. Egged on by the unborn baby in her womb, Ruth turns into a serial killer: bloody, brutal and in a variety of outfits and roles, she uses a kitchen knife to slash men and women who aggravate her at a particular moment or who are on her list anyway: chauvinist bastards, neoliberal business women and aggressive sports jocks. In the meantime, she makes regular visits to her gynaecologist who reassures her: »Baby will tell you what to do.« Birth is a bloody affair.

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Alice Lowe


Ryan Eddleston


Matteo Bini


Martin Pavey, Thomas Markwick, Adam Chestnutt, Robbie Derrick, Victoria Whitehead


Toydrum – Pablo Clements, James Griffith


Alice Lowe, Kate Dickie, Gemma Whelan, Jo Hartley, Kayvan Novak, Tom Davies, Tom Meeten, Mike Wozniak


Western Edge Pictures – Vaughan Sivell, Jennifer Handorf, Will Kane


Kaleidoscope Film Distribution


Alice Lowe

Alice Lowe started stage acting while studying at Cambridge. The British actor became known for her TV comedies. She made her move into the film industry with her successful screenplay debut Sightseers (directed by Ben Wheatley). She wrote the screenplay, directed and starred in her debut film Prevenge while seven and eight months pregnant. Lowe has made several short films and three seasons of the BBC Radio 4 series, Alice’s Wonderland. She has also appeared in film and television productions such as Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, Paddington, Hot Fuzz and Horrible Histories. She can also be seen in independent films such as Black Mountain Poets, Adult Life Skills and Locke. Her latest film Timestalker will premiere in the spring.

Films by Alice Lowe
Timestalker 2024 | Solitudo 2014

Awards for ›Prevenge‹
Monster Innovation Award, BIFA-Nominierung für Best Debut Director, Best Actress bei den National Film Awards

17 Apr 2024 18:00
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