Dagie Brundert

Short film

Electricity poles without cables in a field, filmed in grainy Super8 aesthetics. »These poles here – where are the lines, the wires, the connection? Look -they are gone. What’s happening? I take a closer look.« Dagie Brundert makes contact with the world around her, draws lines of connection and transforms human megalomania to the right degree with the mummy phone. »Be a broadcast tower, or just shut up for a while.«


Dagie Brundert

Porträt Dagie Brundert, Filmemacherin

Dagie Brundert

Dagie Brundert studied graphic art and experimental film design in Berlin, and in the late 1980s discovered a passion for Super 8 film. Since then, she has worked exclusively with a Nizo Super 8 camera and is entirely self-taught: she animates, absorbs and creates. Her work is shown internationally. In recent years, she has become a specialist in biologically developed Super 8 films and photos.

Films by Dagie Brundert (Selection)

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