Jazmín López

AR / FR / NL
Feature Film

»Leones is an essay about death from the point of view of a mortal being, death seen as a beautiful landscape. Youth and its obsessions: death, its beauty and incomprehension. How weak can the human body be in comparison to an intellectual construction? These kids are always in the moment, the here and now. References to temporality are downplayed or even denied. Yet they are not merely part of the moment but immersed in it, anxious and bored, almost beyond temporality.«
– Jazmín López

Friends Félix, Sofía, Arturo, Niki and Isabel are wandering through a wood. While they distract themselves in punning games, jostle with one another and set mutual challenges, they trace their way back, step by step, into a grown-up world – desperately seeking to evade a story somehow already pegged out. When they arrive at a holiday home, Isabel can no longer keep secret what’s so special about her situation.

Awards for ›Leones‹
ARTE Award 2012

Film programme Seduction

Director / Script

Jazmín López


Matías Mesa


Neeltje van der Heijden


Julia Huberman, Benjamin Laurent


Julia Volpato, Pablo Sigal, Macarena del Corro, Diego Vegezzi, Tomás Mackinlay


Rei Cine, Petit Films, Lemming Film, Viking Film, Cepa Audiovisual


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Jazmín López

Jazmín López was born 1984 in Buenos Aires. She is a graduate in film direction from the Universidad del Cine (FUC) where she currently teaches. She has made exhibitions in Argentina and the United States. Leones is her first feature-length film.

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