Lailan omena

Laila’s Apple

Azar Saiyar

Short film

Childhood – that grainy past of small secrets and big feelings. Against a backdrop of black-and-white, slow gliding archive footage from Finland’s schools, Azar Saiyar sifts through memories: a doll with a dotted red dress, broken glass and the smell of the first day at school. The film just touches en passant on topics like teaching methods, punishments, representing a school system of the past. Where does memory end and repression begin?

German premiere

Director / Script / Editing / Production

Azar Saiyar

Sound Design

Kirsi Korhonen



Azar Saiyar

Azar Saiyar is a Helsinki-based film-maker and visual artist. Often relying on archive material and playing with images and words of collective memory, she searches for ways of seeing, remembering and telling. Her films are shown at international film and media art festivals, galleries, exhibitions and museums. At the Silhouette Festival, her film Monument of Distance won the Prix du Jury Hybride in 2019.

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