Joana Oliveira

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Joana just has to get out. Maybe she feels like the mother plant in the film’s opening shot: disconnected from herself. So it only makes sense that she leaves Brazil for a few weeks, and travels to Uganda to see her friend Kevin. Visiting Kevin involves having three small children around, learning a new language and tasting unfamiliar fruits at the market. Actually, spending time with her means feeling the pure joy of life, because when Kevin laughs, warmth fills the room, and when Kevin tells stories, you listen, spellbound. As the two women go about daily life and do things together, we get an insight into the pair’s unconditional friendship. It’s a friendship that demands nothing, and yet gives precisely what is needed. Together, the two remain as independent as the Joana and Kevin they are alone and shouldering responsibility for themselves back in their home countries. They don’t skirt around the subjects of displeasure, fears and worries but always treat them with constructive clarity. At the same time, their partners are not unimportant but just aren’t explicitly involved as part of the friendship. The two women’s transnational story, from getting to know each other in Germany to going to Brazil and Uganda, carries the film and is encouraging. It reminds us of women’s friendships, which can reflect all the facets of ›femininity‹ and yet are something of which cinema so rarely reminds us.

German premiere.
Guests: Kevin Adweko, Gustavo Fioravante, Luana Melgaço, Tiago Miranda, Joana Oliveira

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Joana Oliveira


Joana Oliveira, Laura Barile, in collaboration with Tatiana Carvalho Costa


Cristina Maure


Clarissa Campolina


Gustavo Fioravante


Thaís de Campos


Kevin Adweko, Joana Oliveira


Bukaya Filme, Anavilhana, Vaca Amarela Filmes, Luana Melgaço, Joana Oliveira


FiGa Films

Regisseurin Joana Oliveira

Joana Oliveira

Joana Oliveira is a Brazilian screenwriter and director living in Belo Horizonte. Oliveira completed a Master’s degree in film at the Escola de Belas Artes, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, and a degree in film directing at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV) in Cuba. Her previous work includes short feature films, documentaries and television shows. In 2006, Oliveira was selected for the Berlinale Talents. Her shorts and documentary films have screened at international festivals, including the Festival de Cartagena, the Festival de Cine de Guadalajara and the San Diego Latino Film Festival. She owns the production company Bukaya Filmes.

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