Homeshoppers’ Paradise

Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye


Punk meets teleshopping.

Lisa (Jane Chirwa), a rebellious black punk, lives with her gang in a construction trailer on an occupied property. The friends are united in the fight against the petty bourgeoisie, capitalism – and state authority. When Lisa learns about the upcoming eviction of the trailer site, she has to take the initiative to keep a long-kept secret. Behind the back of the other punks, she secretly accepts a job offer at the epicenter of capitalist consumer society: as a presenter at the home shopping TV channel HSP.

The job confronts her with her estranged father Harry Whitaker (Errol Trotman-Harewood), a former pop singer, at whose side Lisa is supposed to promote household goods in front of the camera. As the main host at HSP, Harry is the “face of the channel” and he’s not too pleased about Lisa’s appearance who he has not seen in years. Harry’s new boss, the risk-friendly African-American William (Stephen Appleton), recognizes the potential of the explosive duo and takes on Lisa. But his interest in Lisa is not just professional, and so complications are inevitable. When the other punks find out about Lisa’s double game, the clique’s existence is put to test. Old wounds are torn open and Lisa is threatened to lose everything that is important to her.


Nancy Mac Granaky-Quaye