Free as a Bird

Annelies Kruk

Documentary, Short film

Twelve-year-old Ariana loves nothing more than to dance. On the dance floor, she is a bundle of energy and life. But hardly anyone knows that Ariana is suffering from a kidney disease. She doesn’t like talking about it because she doesn’t want to be pitied. But she has to share her story because she urgently needs a donor kidney. With the help of her brother and a home-made internet video, Ariana takes the courageous step to go public.


Annelies Kruk


Jean Counet


Saskia Kievits


Nienke Korthof, Kiyomi Molin (Tangerine Tree)


Mascha Arkink

Annelies Kruk

Annelies Kruk

Annelies Kruk studied cultural education and Latin American studies at Utrecht University, and directing and cinematography at the Media Academy in Hilversum. In 2009, she took part in the IDFA documentary workshop. She discovered her love of film-making while working in youth television. She has since made several documentaries for young people and adults, and her films have been screened and awarded prizes at numerous festivals throughout the world.

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