Exercises in Being Close to You: A Story for the Arctic Refuge

Krista Davis

Experimental Documentary

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is sacred land to the indigenous First Nations community of Canada; it is also an area where 40,000 caribou calves are born every spring. Krista Davis joins a 10-day expedition to follow the migration of the caribous and explore how we can critically examine our own relationship to the world around us with a camera. In what is ostensibly a wildlife film, she uses various artistic means to fundamentally change the format.

Director / Script / Animation / Editing

Krista Davis


Nina Vroemen


Jeffrey Peter, Aric Baldwin, David Black, Dave Coulson, Mason Cummings, Krista Davis, Matt Jaques, Neil Ever Osborne, Stephanie Ryan, Samantha Stevens.


Krista Davis

Porträt Krista Davis, Filmemacherin

Krista Davis

Krista Davis is a visual artist living in Canada. Through video, animation and performance, she looks for creative strategies to shift human and non-human relationships towards a more ecologically just world. Davis received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. She has exhibited at festivals and galleries internationally.

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