Es Nervt – Die Goldenen Zitronen feat. LaToya Manly-Spain

Es Nervt – Die Goldenen Zitronen feat. LaToya Manly-Spain

Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain, Ted Gaier, Christopher Radke

Music video
The Film All-Nighter

A musical and visual change of perspective that confronts the double standards of the benevolent white left. It navigates an obstacle course through everyday racism, winding its way through panel discussions, cultural appropriation, police checks and toxic masculinity.

Directors / Script

Ted Gaier, Christopher Radke, Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain


Tom Otte

Cast / With

Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain, Shakti Light, Stephan Rath Mense Reents, Schorsch Kamerun, Thomas Wenzel, Enno Palucca, Ted Gaier


Ted Gaier

Portrait von LaToya

Oloruntoyin LaToya Manly-Spain

Toyin (LaToya Manly-Spain), a member of the ARRiVATi collective, is a spoken word artist and vocalist known for her socially-conscious performances, making her an important presence in the art scene.

Portrait Ted Gaier

Ted Gaier

Ted Gaier is co-founder of the band Die Goldenen Zitronen and the active performance collective Schwabinggrad Ballett. He is also a music producer, author, theatre producer, theatre and film musician and director of music videos.

Christopher Radke

Christopher Radke is a film-maker, director and editor and part of the creative duo Isla 3000 from Hamburg.