Erasing the Border

Borrando la Frontera

Erasing the Border

Ana Teresa Fernández

Short film

Somewhere on a beach in Tijuana, a woman in a black cocktail dress climbs a ladder and starts to paint the border fence between Mexico and the USA. The bluer the fence bars become – as the wall starts to disappear into the blue sky – the more visible the woman becomes. Thanks to this surreal act of border erasure, and the imaginary »hole in the wall«, Ana Teresa Fernández is extending an offer of peace.

Film programme An Excess of Order

Director / Script / Cast / Production

Ana Teresa Fernández

Cinematography / Editing

Greg Rainoff


Charnet Moffit



Ana Teresa Fernández

Ana Teresa Fernández was born in Tampico, Mexico, and first attended the Ecole Brillantmont in Lausanne, Switzerland She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute from where, in 2006, she received her MFA. Her works – painting, videos and installations – have been exhibited worldwide. Among other distinctions, she has received a scholarship from the Foundation D’Art Jakmel Residency in Haiti. She is a member of the Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Commission in San Francisco.

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